Rocus USA Corporation was founded in 1981 with the mission to provide its customers with the best lighting products in the world. Led by CEO and founder David Chiang, Rocus USA has risen to become a leading manufacturer of neon and LED signage in the point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) industry, offering the best of illuminated advertising solutions.

Located in Oceanside, CA, Rocus USA employs some of the industry’s brightest minds, providing the best of sales and customer services. Supporting the Oceanside plant are its manufacturing facilities located in Shanghai, China, which focuses on production and research proficiencies. In addition to the Shanghai plant, the success of Rocus USA has allowed it to expand its manufacturing capabilities, including the recent state-of-the-art facility in Wujiang, China. The massive 170,000 square feet production plant offers a high production capacity of 30,000 product units per day and a high-tech research and development facility.

With its prowess in developing technologically advanced lighting products, RocusUSA continued its mission on creating new and innovative lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Working with the industry’s most dedicated engineers, Rocus USA developed the utmost technologically advanced LED light bulbs and florescent tubes that deliver maximum illumination and lumen output with minimum power consumption. The result is the new Lunar™ line of lighting products, powered by the industry’s most innovative lightning technology, the patented Coolumination ™ technology.

As a leader in developing the world’s most cutting-edge lighting solutions, Rocus USA continues to provide its customers the epitome of quality lighting products and the finest customer services, guided by its core philosophy; Illumination by Innovation™.