LiTech™ LED Sign





 LED Signs (LiTech Signs)The LiTech™ illuminated LED outdoor and indoor signs are the perfect solution for your advertising and signage needs.  Reinforced with our Lunar™ products and the Coolumination ™ technology, the LiTech™ LED signs are constructed to deliver brilliant illumination for the maximum attention-grabbing imagery.

Energy Efficient – The LiTech™LED signs are powered by our Lunar™ lighting products, which have an individual power consumption of 18 watts or less.

Environmentally Friendly – LiTech™LED signs are made with environmentally safe parts that are all one-hundred percent recyclable.  LiTech™LED signs do not contain harmful agents such as mercury, lead, and other contaminants found in neon and florescent signs.

Quality and Durability – LiTech™LED signs are constructed with the strongest of polycarbonate and metal components, allowing the signs to withstanding the toughest of usage conditions.