Lunar™ LED Bulb & Tube



LED Bulb and Florescent Tubes (Lunar Products)
Introducing Lunar™ light bulbs and florescent tubes, the world’s brightest bulbs with the least power consumption.  Powered by our patented Coolumination™ technology, the Lunar™ lighting products are the world’s first light bulbs and florescent tubes that can output over 100 lumen while staying cool to the touch.

Energy Efficient – The Lunar™ lighting products have a total power consumption of 18 watts or less, offering over fifty percent in energy saving when compared to other lighting products.

Environmentally Friendly – Lunar™ lighting products are made with environmentally safe parts that are all one-hundred percent recyclable.  Other light bulbs and florescent tubes contain harmful agents such as mercury, lead, and other contaminants that can be dangerous to your homes and offices.

Longer Life – Lunar™ tubes and bulbs have over 50,000 of usage lifetime, which is five timeslonger than traditional light bulbs and florescent tubes.

Safe and Reliable – Lunar™ brand products are all constructed with durable polycarbonate bodies as opposed to the traditional fragile class casings.  In addition to the breakage resistance benefits, the polycarbonate casing does not emit any ultraviolet or infrared rays, offering a safe and brilliant light.